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Artsy Shark Featured Artist

I’m honored and a wee bit ecstatic to be an Artsy Shark featured artist! The article highlights my emotional connection to the city of Boston and the ways that I express that through my art.


A Sweet Sunday at Home

There’s something sweet about Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday. Normally, I’d be heading to my studio right now, but the -2° temps outside made lounging in bed drinking coffee with Joe a much more appealing idea. Besides, lazing about chatting in a cozy setting is, to me, a lovely way to experience this day.

Coming Up Next: Spring

What’s today, Tuesday? That means I haven’t left home in at least 4 full days. I was down for the count with a cold-cough-fluey condition. But from my windows I can see the big chunks of white on the cityscape growing smaller every day. I see people walking by in less heavy clothing, looking a lot less hunched over. It’s happening, folks. Spring is inching closer. I went excavating in some of my less-recent artwork files and found this lovely beast. This began with a photograph I took, somewhere in the city, which I pulled into Photoshop to paint. I’ve got a small print run scheduled for this week, and I’ve decided to have this giclée printed in 18″ x 24″. When I saw it today, it spoke to me. It is the spring bouquet that is beginning to blossom in my head, a few steps ahead of the real thing. Cheers, Paula More Paula Ogier Artworks.