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Painting Special Places

In November, a lovely woman named Maryanne contacted me requesting an artwork based on her very first date with her husband. The auspicious event had taken place in Boston’s South End at the Franklin Cafe on Shawmut Avenue. Several years and two children later, Maryanne wanted to give an artwork featuring the cafe as a gift to her husband…


Back Bay Magnolias

In April, many of downtown Boston’s sidewalks become lush with pink and white magnolia trees. A particularly striking display of blossoms can be found on Commonwealth Avenue in the Back Bay.

New Work: Chinatown Sky

Chinatown Sky (above) began with a photograph I took here in Boston in Chinatown. I really liked the curve and shape of this building. I thought it could make for an interesting art subject, but sadly, once I had painted the photograph, I just didn’t find the overall piece interesting enough…

Row House Art

Rowhouses, like so many of the mid-1800s era ones found here in Boston, often capture my imagination. And you know that delicious spy-like feeling of walking through your neighborhood just after twilight, when the lights are going up in homes…