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Scenes from an Artist Studio Building

My artist studio building at 450 Harrison Avenue (Boston’s South End) has been buzzing with more activity than usual the last couple of days. We’re all getting ready for the annual South End Open Studios event in which we invite the public into our work/gallery spaces. This 2-day neighborhood-wide event features 200 participating artists in the South End. Here’s more about that. Some scenes from the building today: If you’re in the Boston area this weekend, come by and see us all. Cheers, Paula Paula Ogier Artworks

Attuned to the Light in the Forest: The Art of Debra Bretton Robinson

I’ve never met New England artist Debra Bretton Robinson or seen her paintings in person, but I stumbled upon images of her work several years back online and really liked them. Each time a new one is posted, it perks me up. The colors in her landscape paintings are boldly paired and fauvist-inspired (not unlike my own way of working with color). A native of Plaistow, NH, Debra was raised on land surrounded by forests. She says trees have a living, breathing presence for her. She accompanies her husband, a fisherman, on his fishing excursions on the Nashua River, Massapoag Pond and Merrimack river on their boat that has become her floating studio. While he fishes, she paints the scenes. How perfect an arrangement is that! She’s got a keen way of expressing the graphic shapes of the New England natural landscape, homes and city scenes. Her striking house and cityscape images evoke for me a feeling of warmth beckoning from inside their walls. You can see many of her paintings at Debra’s blog. Now a resident of Chelmsford, MA, Debra participates in the vibrant art scene in Lowell, MA. She currently has her work …