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Nothing Compares 2 U

Much has been written in the past week about the music and life of Prince Rogers Nelson, and my own personal reflections are just one in many millions. Something that became obvious to me after David Bowie’s death was how deeply personal the soundtracks to life provided by such people are. The songs represent something unique to each person who listens to and feels them. They speak of dreams, desires, beliefs and memories. Just as importantly, they connect to the context of the times, and to where we were in the map of our own lives when we listened. With all of that in mind, I debated even writing anything at all about my own reflections. But here I am. Within hours of hearing of Prince’s death, my mind was catapulted back to my life in Miami in the 80s. I found myself attempting to articulate what that time and place was about for me. In the early 80s, I was in my early 20s and, in my mind, finally having fun. I was living miles from where I had been raised. I felt liberated from the …

Craft and Detail

I’ve been thinking about details lately, and how they work together to make something larger than themselves. That’s my purpose in showing these two photos.

Museum Hangover Creates Craving for More

Since returning from a vacation in Europe a few weeks ago, a longing to wander around art museums has been rekindled in me. It’s not a new experience by any means. When I moved to Boston almost 23 years ago, I got a Museum of Fine Arts Boston membership and enjoyed spending days off looking at art exhibits. Locally, I’ve visited Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the museums at Harvard, the Peabody Essex Museum, the Worcester Art Museum, the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, and the National Museum of Illustration in Newport, RI, among others. I’ve also had my share of visits to the many wonderful museums in New York City, around the country, and to some memorable ones in Europe. Somewhere along the line, however, I slowly and quietly trailed off. I might blame that on an erratic work schedule, a more intense focus on doing my artwork, or a full day-to-day life naturally causing some interests to fall away. Or all of these things. Add to it that until very recently, I hadn’t had a regular dedicated day off for three years. So what …