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Today Only: 40% Off Home Accessories

Hey there! Today only, you can get 40% off DENY Designs home accessories with my designs on them.


A Walk Down Wallpaper Lane

Have you seen the wallpaper in Sherlock Holmes’ and Dr. Watson’s flat in the British TV crime series? Then again, how could you miss it? The first time they walked into that living room…

Art Pairings in Virtual Settings

I continue to play with placing my artworks in virtual settings. I think some pieces can work really well when paired together. Here’s an example with two abstract graphics, “Celestial” and “August Moon.” The designs even share a few elements with each other. These two WOOF images look like mirror images of each other, even though upon closer look they have their own distinctive markings. The “WOOF” letters are intended more as a whisper, like that muffled woof you sometimes hear dogs make under their breath. I purchased the room photos through Shutterstock. You can buy a package of photos from them, and then do searches for the type of photo you’re looking for. For example, “modern interiors” or “purple bedroom.” From there, I moved the photos into Photoshop, and then dragged the art images in to create these in situ photos. I think this could really help people to visualize what a piece of art can do for a home. What do you think? Paula