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The Noble Stoop

One of the charms of my Boston neighborhood is the stoop, usually with curvy wrought iron rails, that leads up to many a 1850s row house. It’s not at all uncommon to see front stoops adorned with potted flowering plants, just as soon as spring will allow.

A Gem in the Neighborhood

A few weeks ago, just for fun, I visited Restoration Resources, a 7,000 square foot architectural salvage store & warehouse in Boston’s South End. It was like walking through a candy shop of detail, history, design and wonder! There were a few scenes that just begged to be photographed. Like the shelf of doorknobs above, and the groupings of stained glass window panels below. There were a lot of rooms to explore. One of them, I was told by the owner, is sometimes rented for dinner parties. There is a long old wooden table in the middle and a bunch of chairs. The room is filled with fireplace mantels, chandeliers, and a bar that was constructed from various old elements of other architectural or furniture pieces. Here’s the bar: T This site was part of a weekend long self-guided architectural tour in the city of Boston. The tour, known as Common Boston 2016, featured 50 buildings and sites that were open to the public for that weekend. If you like old architectural elements, you’d enjoy wandering around this place. There are fireplace …