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Coming Up Next: Spring

What’s today, Tuesday? That means I haven’t left home in at least 4 full days. I was down for the count with a cold-cough-fluey condition. But from my windows I can see the big chunks of white on the cityscape growing smaller every day. I see people walking by in less heavy clothing, looking a lot less hunched over. It’s happening, folks. Spring is inching closer. I went excavating in some of my less-recent artwork files and found this lovely beast. This began with a photograph I took, somewhere in the city, which I pulled into Photoshop to paint. I’ve got a small print run scheduled for this week, and I’ve decided to have this giclée printed in 18″ x 24″. When I saw it today, it spoke to me. It is the spring bouquet that is beginning to blossom in my head, a few steps ahead of the real thing. Cheers, Paula More Paula Ogier Artworks. Advertisements

A New Site with a Zuki Theme

Today I’m bumbling my way through creating a brand new WordPress blog site. I’ve been feeling it’s time to move away from the blog I started in January 2010, and move into something more in line with my current creative focus. That’s where my new blog, Let Me Illustrate My Point, comes in.  I purchased the Zuki theme for its clean and seemingly versatile look, but so far have only found their tutorials partially helpful. I’m not saying that’s their fault. I have to admit I’m scratching my head over the forgotten (by me) lexicon of putting together a new layout. What’s a widget again? These are the kind of things that are slowing me down. If you’re wondering why that little sidebar widget (box, if you ask me) called Inspirations doesn’t have anything in it, it’s because I haven’t been able to figure out how to put an image in it. Why does the image have to have an url?? Why can’t it just be an image from my files? And aren’t Home and Front Page the same thing? …