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The Making of Holiday Traditions

The 16 Christmases my partner Joe and I have shared have all had the same general theme. We spend Christmas day alone together at home in our pajamas. We eat, we drink, and we watch movies all day and night.


At Home: Morning Light

Morning light does magical things. Not just to the objects around my home, but to my state of mind. We’ve lived in this home almost eight years now, and something I’ve consistently loved about being here is seeing the sun come up. I’m usually drinking coffee, stretching or exercising in direction of it. Those first couple of hours after the sun appears on the horizon (which in this case is the tops of old brick warehouse buildings about a block away), it infuses everything it touches in my home with gorgeous light. A mental health researcher who lives in my building recently said, “natural sunlight in the mornings is crucial to improving overall mental health by preventing depression, S.A.D., etc. especially during the fall/winter months.” I’ve long thought of myself as a solar-powered being. Sunlight gives me a sense of wellbeing. But I also just love the way light can look washing over things. I’ve been appreciating the early morning light at home even more lately, knowing that in a couple of years it won’t reach me so early. There’s a …

A Sweet Sunday at Home

There’s something sweet about Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday. Normally, I’d be heading to my studio right now, but the -2° temps outside made lounging in bed drinking coffee with Joe a much more appealing idea. Besides, lazing about chatting in a cozy setting is, to me, a lovely way to experience this day.