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A New Portrait

Today I visited my printer to have this print made of my most recent dog portrait commission. The photograph I worked from had dramatic lighting similar to what you see in the artwork. I thought that gave it such a beautiful classic look, so I decided to paint it in the same style.

Animal Portraits Then & Now

I’m currently at work on a new dog portrait and these are some of the stages I’ve gone through so far. Earlier this month, I wrote about some of my process when working on portraits. I start out doing the underpainting and then move on to details. I’ll share the completed portrait of Luca here in the blog when I finish it. I’ve been sharing a lot of dog portraits in process here recently, so I thought I’d show you some cat portraits I’ve done, too. Although they are not all “in progress” — regularly saving the images in stages is a more recent habit of mine. The following are a few of my favorite cat portraits. Bobby and Bing were a cat and hamster from the same home. I still remember how challenging it was to photograph the little hamster (Bing) as he ran around. I was down on the floor on my side, but still he was just a blur and really hard to get a good photo of. Bobby and Bing were so unbalanced in …

A Cat By Any Other Name

Being in Spain, France and England for a few weeks this year, I naturally became very aware of both the challenges and the interesting things about language and dialect. When you’re waking up in a new city or country every few days, it’s not hard to absentmindedly mix words from different languages together in the same sentence. When I returned home to the states, I was designing a cat-themed poster when I decided to look up words for “cat” in various languages. That’s how the above poster came to be. This poster is one of six different giclée art prints being offered with a portion of sales going to the Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton, MA. The shelter is the oldest no-kill, cageless cat shelter in the United States. It’s been operating since 1884! Here’s more about this dedicated organization. I’ll be hosting a “First Friday” event at my Boston studio on November 6, with the above mentioned six print images offered to benefit the shelter. There is a limited quantity of each available for this fundraiser, and I encourage anyone interested to pre-order …