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Feeling the Green

Paula Ogier art studio Boston

While the rain’s been working overtime in Boston making the outdoor world green, I’ve been surrounding myself with indoor greenery. A corner of my art studio has become a leafy haven over the past month.

In addition to these indoor plants, I’m harboring some little cilantro and rosemary plants in the studio until the weather warms up. Not only has the spring season been soggy, but it’s also been one of the consistently coldest ones I can recall.

Paula Ogier art studio

My neighbor Kelly and I picked up these little lettuce and basil plants at the farmers’ market several days ago. They’re for the garden plot we share, but so far it’s been too rainy to get them planted in the ground. Tomorrow’s forecast looks cheerier and drier, so I may get my chance!

garden plants

I’m so looking forward to just picked herbs and arugula from the garden. Lately Joe and I have been making a salad dressing from fresh basil, fresh cilantro, chives, jalapeño pepper, cumin, lime juice, and avocado oil mixed together with an immersion blender. It’s delicious on salads, but also good for sautéing salmon in or poured over smashed potatoes. I look forward to making it with basil, cilantro, and chives freshly picked!



Paula Ogier Artworks



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