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Two Artists, One Grand Space

Dimensions: Space & Line art show Boston

An artist friend had a reception last week for an exhibit of her paintings at the St. Botolph Club in Boston. When I attended the reception, I was blown away by how great her paintings looked in this elegant space. I love her deep dark abstract paintings to begin with, but the building’s interior and her paintings looked to me like they were made for each other.

This show, called Dimensions: Space & Line, pairs two artists whose works enjoy easy conversation with one another: painter Elena du Plessis and sculptor Kim Radochia.

The St. Botolph Club occupies a double-wide Victorian brownstone on Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay. The interior’s lovely period details look meticulously maintained and cared for. I had never set foot in the club before, so it was a treat to experience this grand space for the first time. Its beautiful wide staircase makes a dramatic setting for the artworks of these two talented artists.

Dimensions: Space & Line art show Boston

Elena du Plessis’s painted works are expressionist, drawing from her own experience and memory. She is often inspired by objects such as nests, seed pods, or flowers, many times at the end of their life cycles.

St. Botolph's Club Boston

Kim Radochia’s sculptural work often recalls water currents and lines, murmurations (patterns of flocking birds), and geological formations. Her works range from large site-specific outdoor pieces to small intimate assemblages and room-sized installations.

St. Botolph's Club art show Boston

Kim Radochia. Her wire “Waiting” sculpture is suspended above the staircase, and her “Murmurations” paper sculpture is on the wall between Kim and the wire sculpture.

The paintings begin on the wall at the base of the staircase. They travel up through the second and third floors, along the staircase walls as well as on the walls of the second and third floor. Many of Kim Radochia’s sculptures are suspended in the air between floors.

St. Botolph's Club art show Boston

The artworks and interior complement each other so well that the journey up the staircase feels a bit magical.

St. Botolph's Club art show Boston

Elena du Plessis’ “Sunflower” (2017, charcoal ink on paper, 45″x36″)

I’ve lived in Boston for 24 years and never had any reason to venture inside the St. Botolph Club, so I’d probably never have known about this exhibit if I hadn’t known the artists. This show will be up through May 19, and is open to the public Wednesdays from 2-4 pm. Go see this perfect combination of artworks and interior space!

St. Botolph's Club art show Boston

Kim Radochia (left) and Elena du Plessis (center) respond to questions and comments from reception attendees.  They are joined by the show’s curators, Michael Price (second from left) and Barbara Glee Lucas (far right).

By the way, Elena and Kim are both members of the SoWa Artists Guild and have studios in 450 Harrison Avenue (the same building as mine). One of them is next door to me and one is across the hall! You can visit their studios on the First Friday of each month from 5-9 pm.



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  1. I have never been there, either. But I have heard about it from time to time. Very old Boston and exclusive is my vague sense? Thank you for this glimpse inside — and at the artworks of your peers.


    • I don’t know very much about the club, except that it’s a membership organization providing cultural (visual arts, music, literature) and social events to its members.


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