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Cats in Space

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

It’s endearing enough to me that someone wondered what the original Star Trek cast would look like if they were cats. But then that someone actually took the time to imagine and paint those feline avatars and put them into real Star Trek scenes. And they’re good — they’re really good!

That someone is scientific illustrator Jenny Parks. I don’t know her, I’m pretty sure I like her. I recently crossed paths with her “Star Trek Cats” book in a museum bookstore. I was in awe of the illustrations and delighted by the book. I bought it for my boyfriend, who was just as amused as I was by it.

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

Lots of “wow”s and laughs later, I still love looking at the book. Page after page, it’s a joy. The scenes are from the original Star Trek series that featured William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, DeForest Kelly, and James Doohan. I think this would be a really sweet gift for any cat-loving original Star Trek fan.

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks, you have boldly gone where no illustrator has gone before. Thank you! I’m still laughing.



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