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SoWa Artists on WERS Radio Boston

450 Harrison Avenue artist studios

WERS radio’s Jolin Cheng made a surprise visit to our artist studio building recently. It was Salon Sunday, an annual event when many of the artists open their doors to the public. She talked with some of the artists in the SoWa Artists Guild, and WERS aired the piece Sunday morning.

When Jolin introduced herself and asked if she could interview me, I said sure. She pulled out her recorder. “Right now, right here?” I asked. She smiled and nodded.

In a moment of what-the-heckness, I agreed. When I later learned she’d talked with half a dozen of us, gathering selected comments from each, I was relieved.

One of the artists she interviewed made the point that open studios are a place for people to not only see and connect with artwork they like, but to connect with the person behind the work. Yes! Here’s the clip: Listen.

As the narrator says in the intro — To artists, art is language. If you’re in Boston, First Friday happens this week. I invite you to come by and experience this language for yourself.



Paula Ogier Artworks




  1. As a musician, I was re-inspired by this lovely interview with several different visual artists. I am also impressed that the interviewer from WERS was doing the entire segment in a non-native language (English). Hurrah for folks who are fluent in more than one language and are curious about the process of making art and being an artist! Thank you for sharing this, Paula.


    • Hi Will. When painter Cathy Bennigson talked about fluctuations in optimism and disappointment before a creative work starts to gel, I couldn’t help thinking how, in that way, it’s similar to writing and probably also to composing music!


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