Month: September 2016

Beaux Arts in Quebec City

Most of my Quebec City photos were not lost as I had thought! These images are from The National Museum of Beaux Arts.

There’s a sleek, modern underground tunnel that connects the original building to a newly opened wing across the street.

A Creative Detour

After working nonstop for years on digital artworks, taking time off from the medium this summer felt like a good break. This change of pace ended up sparking some new creative energy in an entirely different medium.

Friendly Quebec City

Hi there. Quebec City’s lovely old French style architecture, colorful gardens, friendly people, and expansive views combined to make our recent first visit a very pleasurable experience. Regrettably, I’ve managed to make my best Quebec City photographs disappear. Rats! I have a few to share, however.

Back in Boston

Hi there! I’m freshly returned from a late summer vacation in Quebec, Canada, and ready to jump back into the saddle here in Boston. This vacation was my first time ever in Canada — kind of odd considering I grew up in Wisconsin, and have lived the past 23 years in New England. It’s quite nearby to Boston, but for reasons I don’t understand I’d never crossed that border before.