Month: February 2016

Animal Portraits Then & Now

I’m currently at work on a new dog portrait and these are some of the stages I’ve gone through so far. Earlier this month, I wrote about some of my process when working on portraits. I start out doing the underpainting and then move on to details. I’ll share the completed portrait of Luca here in the blog when I finish it. I’ve been sharing a lot of dog portraits in process here recently, so I thought I’d show you some cat portraits I’ve done, too. Although they are not all “in progress” — regularly saving the images in stages is a more recent habit of mine. The following are a few of my favorite cat portraits. Bobby and Bing were a cat and hamster from the same home. I still remember how challenging it was to photograph the little hamster (Bing) as he ran around. I was down on the floor on my side, but still he was just a blur and really hard to get a good photo of. Bobby and Bing were so unbalanced in …

A Sweet Sunday at Home

There’s something sweet about Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday. Normally, I’d be heading to my studio right now, but the -2° temps outside made lounging in bed drinking coffee with Joe a much more appealing idea. Besides, lazing about chatting in a cozy setting is, to me, a lovely way to experience this day.

Row House Art

Rowhouses, like so many of the mid-1800s era ones found here in Boston, often capture my imagination. And you know that delicious spy-like feeling of walking through your neighborhood just after twilight, when the lights are going up in homes…