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Creativity + Genius

"Free to Fly" (Copyright © 2013 Paula Ogier)

“Free to Fly” (Copyright © 2013 Paula Ogier)

Some of us (and this definitely describes me) have leaky sensory filters. This may enhance creativity by integrating ideas from outside the realm of one’s focus. Or so says Northwestern University research providing physiological evidence that creativity may be tied to a reduced ability to filter irrelevant sensory information. Read about this in Science Daily’s Creative Genius Driven By Distraction.

Here are Six Timeless Quotes on Creativity by Pablo Picasso from Entrepreneur.

What do you think of when you hear the word genius? If you haven’t yet watched The Elusive Creative Genius Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, please do. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s so worth a second listen!


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Hi there. I’m artist Paula Ogier. In this blog I write about about new works, projects in process, life as a working artist, life in Boston, and inspirations and challenges in growing an art business. I live and work in Boston's South End neighborhood. I'm fond of big cities, architecture, great imaginative spaces, talking to cats, food & drink, gardening, wandering around on foot, binge-watching well written shows, and of course, making art. Artist website: Twitter: Paula Ogier Artworks My studio is in Boston's SoWa Arts District at 450 Harrison Avenue, Studio 203.

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