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Aerial Views of Boston’s South End

South End Boston

Boston’s South End, near intersection of Columbus Avenue and West Newton Street. (Photo: Paula Ogier)

When I began my South End coloring book project earlier this year, I knew I needed to find some aerial views of the neighborhood to draw. That’s not been as easy as I’d anticipated, so I recently made a visit to the 50th floor skywalk at the Prudential tower to take some photographs. Although the “Pru” tower is in the Back Bay neighborhood, from 50 floors up it offers sweeping views of the South End.

Fifty floors up may have actually been too high up for my purposes, but the verdict is still out on that.  I’ll be going over my photos to see if I can use any of them in this project.

In the meantime, here are some interesting views of the neighborhood.

Boston's South End. Photo: Paula Ogier

Boston’s South End. (Photo: Paula Ogier)

In the photo above, the tall crowned building in the left foreground is 111 Huntington. Some people call it the R2D2 building for its resemblance to the Star Wars character. Some people love this building and some people hate it. I love it. If you look closely at the right edge of it, you’ll see the rooftop pool of the Colonnade Hotel on Huntington Avenue. It’s that little blue speck. This is still considered the Back Bay. The South End begins beyond that, characterized by its many brick row houses and tree-lined streets.

In the photo below, the large blockish building in the center is the Boston Ballet School on Clarendon Street. Just behind it, you can see the copper skylight dome roof of the Cyclorama, an event venue that is part of the Boston Center for the Arts.

Boston Ballet School

South End Boston. (Photo: Paula Ogier)

Here’s a view of something you don’t see from the sidewalk — the many rooftop decks in the South End.

South End Boston rooftops

Rooftop decks in Boston’s South End (Photo: Paula Ogier)

One of the things I like about the photo below is that you can see the elevated expressway at the very top edge of it. This expressway separates the South End from South Boston. If you don’t live in Boston, that might be confusing. The South End is the southernmost neighborhood in the central downtown neighborhoods, as opposed to South Boston which is, well, south of downtown Boston.

South End Boston

South End Boston (Photo: Paula Ogier)

I hope you enjoyed these views of the hood!

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