Animal Urges
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Peanut’s Portrait

Peanut framed crop

Today I’m wrapping up Peanut’s framed portrait to be delivered to its new home. Peanut’s family lives here in Boston’s South End.

I took a lot of photos of Peanut in her home and then picked out one I liked best for a portrait. I look for the photos that speak to me of an animal’s personality, but I also really like to use ones that show the detail of the eyes. This wasn’t possible in Peanut’s case, as her eyes have become somewhat clouded with age.

I “paint” in Photoshop, using a Wacom Intuous electronic pen and pad. While my right hand is drawing on an electronic pad over to the right side of my laptop, my eyes are looking at my computer monitor. When I first started using the Wacom pen and pad, it felt weirdly awkward because I was used to looking at my hand (and watching the lines coming directly out of my pen or pencil) when I would draw. I did get used to it pretty quickly, though. I’ve been using the Wacom pen about 5 years now and it’s second nature to me now.

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Hi there. I’m Boston-based digital artist Paula Ogier. In this blog I write about about my art business, new works, projects in process, life in Boston, inspirations, ideas, and creative challenges. I live and work in Boston's South End neighborhood, in the enclave known as the SoWa Art + Design district. I'm fond of big cities, architecture, great imaginative spaces, food & drink, gardening, wandering around the city on foot, binge-watching well written shows, talking to cats, and of course, making and experiencing art. Artist website: Twitter: Paula Ogier Artworks My studio is at 450 Harrison Avenue, Studio 203.

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